Thursday, June 05, 2008

ARC Orientation Participants Shine and Fly to New Heights

Memorial Day Weekend May 24, 25, and 26th.
Twelve local brave students braved the weather and the cold to camp by Smith Lake in the National Forest North of Truckee. They got more than just an introduction to the ARC program; they got a hardcore adventure to remember.

We packed our gear in the garage at Sagehen Creek Field Station and ducked between pouring rain to play games and get ready for the upcoming weekend. Once we hit the trailhead the rain held off, but the clouds stuck around...almost all weekend, almost.

We hiked to our campsite the beautiful alpine lake, Smith Lake, set camp and settled into dinner. Pesto pasta never tasted so good. MMM-MMM.
We hung our food so the bears won't find it. Can you find it? Nice job Bear Hang Crew.

The next day we again ducked the rain to start our peak hike to Steadfast Mountain. We did an activity connected to observations and started off trail travel to the peak. We got to our peak to notice a whole flock of over a hundred and thirty white pelicans circling majestically overhead. White pelicans are known for their teamwork in gliding along wind drifts for miles and miles. The ultimate display of teamwork. They rose silently on the breeze as the clouds broke and the sun shone down on our little campsite next to Smith Lake. It was truly an inspirational and special moment. (See the first photo in this post.)

We ate lunch and headed back to camp. We completed interviews with the instructors, had dinner and completed our reading, lesson and discussion on the benefits, the challenges and our excitement for the summer course. If anything, it won't be anywhere near as wet and chilly as it was those few days at the end of May.
See you this summer!!!

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